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A Knitting All-Nighter


Have you ever heard of a “Knitting All-Nighter”? The members of our Knitting His Love ministry have been hard at work—twelve dedicated souls stayed up all night knitting, with only half the group snoozing less than an hour. That’s commitment!

Their sleepless night started at 5:30 PM with tacos for dinner, included viewing five movies, a bacon and pancake breakfast at 5:00 AM the following morning and ended at 9:00 AM. They knitted most of the 26 squares needed to assemble a baby blanket, which was finished Monday evening by five women. Amazingly, they produced a baby blanket in less than one week!

Barbara Corwin, champion and leader of Knitting His Love, delivered 14 kitchen-size plastic garbage bags filled with knitting to the MMK Orlando office in Casselberry, FL. Packed inside the bags were: 10 vests, 3 aprons, 21 baby blankets, 13 bath/shower scrubbies, 11 sets of hats and mittens, sweaters, scarves or socks, 4 eyeglass cases, 18 book/grocery bags, 4 pairs of mittens, 45 scarves, 17 coasters, 13 long-sleeved sweaters, 9 bibs, 30 hats, 15 headbands, 3 hand towels and 2 pairs of socks. The Music Mission Kiev (MMK) staff will pack and ship these items to the Ukraine. Please pray these items arrive safely and without damage!

Additionally, 5 bags of donated yarn (161 skeins) from our overflowing closets also made the trek to MMK headquarters. This yarn will be shipped to a group of Ukrainian widows, served by MMK, who will use it to knit for Ukrainian orphans, widows and soldiers.  

Please pray for those receiving these items as their needs are great. Pray especially that their hearts may be warmed by His Love.

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