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Sermon Series: Christ & His Word


“Committed to Christ and His Word” These words should resonate in the heart of every Christian. You cannot really hold to one without the other. If you profess love for Christ without loving his Word, the Bible, you are deceiving yourself. Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commandments.” If you study the Bible, but don’t love Christ, you become no better than a Pharisee.

Though Jesus did not write the Bible, he held the Old Testament Scriptures and read them as the Word of God. He told his disciples he would send the Holy Spirit, who would remind them of everything he said and lead them into all truth, and they authenticated the writings inspired by God which we know as the New Testament. The whole Bible is His Word.

This fall, we are emphasizing our commitment to Scripture in our series, “Committed to His Word.” The world presses us into its mold. Our old nature gets bored and restless, but the Word of God is living and active, life-giving, and transforming. It is infallible and without error in all its parts. But what do we mean by inerrancy? How do we interpret the Bible to understand it correctly? Does it really tell us all we need to know about God, ourselves, and the world around us, in order that we might know and love God truly? Is the text of the Bible reliable? Do we care?

We so easily drift. Let us be reminded through this series of the privilege we have in studying the Bible and, out of love for Christ, grow in our confidence in it and our ability to understand it. We hope you'll join us Sunday mornings as we grow together in grace and knowledge!

Week 1: Christ and the Bible

Week 2: What IS the Bible?

Week 3: What is Inerrancy?

Week 4: How to Understand the Bible

Week 5: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Week 6: The Reliability of the Text of Scripture