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Sermon Series: I AM


Jesus' Seven “I am” statements in Gospel of John

God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM. Tell the Israelites, I AM has sent me to you.” Jesus claimed this name for himself in John 8:58, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” We do not get to define God however we want. He is who he is—but God does not leave us in the dark! He defines and reveals himself to us through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word, the very Expression of God to us. Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father,” and Jesus replied, “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”

And Jesus helps us understand who he is and what he came to do with his seven “I am” statements in the Gospel of John. Join us to learn more about Christ and who he is...

Week 1:               I am the Bread of Life  |  John 6:35  |  Oct. 23, 2018             

Week 2:               I am the Light of the World  |  John 8:12  |  Oct. 30, 2018

Week 3:               I am the Door  |  John 10:9  |  Nov. 4, 2018

Week 4:               I am the Good Shepherd  |  John 10:10  |  Nov. 11, 2018

Week 5:               I am the Resurrection and the Life  |  John 11:25-26  |  Nov. 18, 2018

Week 6:               I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life  |  John 14:6  |  Nov. 25, 2018

Week 7:               I am the Vine  |  John 15:1  |  Dec. 30, 2018

We'll be looking at each of these “I am” claims as we approach Christmas, pause 4 weeks for an Advent series on the birth of Christ, the Word of God who became flesh and dwelt among us, and then conclude with the call of Christ, the Vine, “Abide in Me,” as we enter the new year. May God use this series in our lives to draw us to himself.

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