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Greeter's Ministry

…I was a stranger and you welcomed me…   Matthew 25:35

The Greeter’s Ministry

Do you remember the first time you walked through Sycamore’s doors? If it was years ago, your recollection may be dusty but you’ll agree visiting a new church can generate a range of emotions: it may be intimidating or exciting—depending on your circumstance. Do you remember what brought you to Sycamore? A Google search? A friend’s invitation? Everyone is a visitor once and first impressions are long lasting.

A smile and a handshake make a huge difference in a person’s comfort level. As part of our REACH campaign, Sycamore has endeavored to REACH out to others. This is played out weekly as we welcome new faces. To weekly participants and consistent attenders, the Greeter’s Ministry may be taken for granted. But to anyone who has recently been introduced to our church, it’s significant.

With a desire to engage our neighbors, our Greeter’s Ministry is the face of Sycamore. It ensures first impressions are examples of Christ’s love. Divided into two areas of service, the Ushers and the Greeters, they are the heart and hands of the Greeter’s Ministry—a vital part of our mission to build community and show God’s love faithfully.

With willing hands to serve, Greeters “greet” those who walk through our doors, steer visitors to the Welcome Counter, answer questions, and help visitors navigate their way through the church. They arrive early, wear special name tags and hang out by the doors and our new Welcome Counter. They’re quick to smile and offer a hand in a welcoming handshake or as a helping hand. Greeters talk to others about something they love—something they’re excited about: Sycamore.

Ushering is at the heart of the Greeter’s Ministry. Ever try to worship without a bulletin? It feels like sailing without a rudder. With a servant’s heart, ushers minister to the church in visible ways by handing out bulletins, holding sanctuary doors open as you enter, and collecting the tithes and offerings. Their less visible duties include: helping visitors find seats, ensuring offering plates are in the front of the church before the service, setting up and cleaning up for Communion, and straightening chairs and picking up trash. Ushers may not engage visitors as much as the Greeters, but they still get to do something they love—serve Sycamore.

Interested in being the heart and hands of our mission to build community and show God’s love? To join the Greeter’s Ministry, please contact Greg McCarthy