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Growing Together: An Opportunity for Community

During the month of February, there is going to be a special emphasis on Small Groups. We hope to get everyone connected into a group for these 4 weeks. Small groups are designed to be just that: small—with the hopes that they are 12-14 people at their largest, so we can know one another and be known. 

How will it work? Groups that are already together will continue to meet, but on a weekly basis. If you're not in a group, we ask you to sign up to join one for the month of February. You can sign up here or on a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center in the foyer. If you're in a Men’s Bible Study or a Women’s Bible Study but not in a co-ed Small Group, we would ask you for February to sign up to join a Small Group.

For families that are in need of childcare during their groups meeting, we'll have one evening where childcare will be provided. If you'd like to register for childcare, please email Becky Boone.

Questions? Contact Marty Cates. Looking forward to Growing Together in 2019!


Wait! Do you still have questions? If so, maybe this Q&A will have the answers you’re looking for:

Our group meets Sunday nights, once a month. Does this mean we’ll meet every Sunday night in the month of February? Possibly, but not necessarily. The dates and times that you decide to meet will be determined by you and your group leader. Our hope is that all groups will meet each week throughout the month of February.

I don’t belong to a small group. Do I have to join? You don’t HAVE to join but we highly recommend it! This is a short commitment—just 4 times. We know these are busy times, but we think you will benefit greatly from the teaching and the time with others.

What happens after February? Am I obligated to stay in a small group? Not at all, but we’d love for you to consider it. More importantly, we hope this has given you a sense of community, strengthened your relationships and drawn you closer to your Lord and Savior. If you are interested in joining a small group, they meet at varying times and places. Some meet weekly, others meet monthly; some meet in a home and others gather at the church. We’re hoping you’ll find a spot that suits you. To find out more, check out our website [LINK?].

Will we all be studying the same thing? If so, what will we be studying? Yes, that’s the beauty of this initiative—everyone will be study the same thing on the same week:

  • Week 1: The Gospel for Me
  • Week 2: The Gospel for Us
  • Week 3: The Gospel for Everyone
  • Week 4: The Gospel for Everything

What if I miss a week? No worries! Please come to the other meetings.

Where do meet? That all depends on which group you select. If you’re currently in a small group, you’ll meet where you normally meet. If you’re not currently part of a small group, sign up here. During the registration process, you will be able to select which nights you are available. Once the groups are formed, you’ll be notified. Don’t worry—we will do our best to make your meeting place as convenient as possible.

Is there childcare? There is. If you are new to the small group scene, you will have the opportunity to request childcare when you register. If you are already a member of a small group, childcare arrangements will be made through your small group.

Who is this for? This is for anyone who is interested, not just members or regular attenders. It’s a great opportunity for you to invite friends and neighbors.

What is this? We’re calling it “Growing Together: A Small Group Initiative.” Essentially, it’s a month-long study where all the participants study the lesson every week. This should deepen conversations with others, regardless of what small group they attend.

When is this happening? Once a week, for the whole month of February—so four times.

Who is teaching/leading? The individual studies will be facilitated by small group leaders.

Can I bring a friend? Of course! This is a great opportunity to bring friends, neighbors and even family members.

Is there a cost associated with this? NO! All the study materials will be provided for you. The only other supplies you will need are: a Bible and a writing utensil.

Why are we doing this? We are doing this so that we might grow in our love for one another and our Lord. And that we might be of one heart and one mind as we seek to live out our faith in community with one another and in service to Midlothian.  

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