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SMILE! It's Time to Update Sycamore's Photo Directory

Names are important. Dale Carnegie was a smart, successful entrepreneur that lived “his life in terms of other people.” He cared about others. In his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he encourages us to “remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Using someone’s name shows care and respect and builds community. This is why Sycamore is updating our photo directory—so you can know one another better.

Although the regular directory is updated frequently, it’s been a while since the pictoral directory was updated. You may’ve noticed we’re doing things in a slightly different manner than in the past. In order to answer any questions you may have, we’ve put together a Q&A for you.

Please contact the office if you have any questions. And remember the next time you see a familiar face: use a name instead of the often, over-used “Hey!”

Questions & Answers:

Why are we doing this?  A couple reasons: First, it has been a few years since we updated our photo directory and it’s time to do it again. Also, names are important! The photo directory is a great way to get to know others in the congregation, while refreshing your memory if you’ve forgotten someone’s name.

When and where will the photos for the directory be taken? Sycamore’s photos days are Saturday, January 26 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM for families of 3 or more; Sunday, January 27 from 3:00-6:00 PM for singles and couples. Then again the following weekend: Saturday, February 2 from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM for families of 3 or more; Sunday, February 3 from 3:00-6:00 PM for singles and couples.

Who is taking my picture? Our very own Tony Sylvestro. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know Tony, you’re going to love him. Tony is a professional photographer who has worked in the industry for many years with clients ranging from the local businesses to large, well-known international establishments. Tony is also very talented in his range of abilities—from portraits to commercial photography and everything in-between. If you’d like to see some of Tony’s work, please visit his website.

How do I sign up? Please visit our SignUpGenius pages to reserve a time slot. Please note, there are two different signups: one for couples and singles and one for families of three or more.

SignUpGenius for a Single or Couple photo session

SignUpGenius for a Family of 3+ photo session

Why are there different sign-ups based on family size? It’s all about the lighting. It requires different power and position to properly light a large group than it does to light one or two people. Switching between these two scenarios every sitting would be time consuming. Photographing almost 200 family units is a huge endeavor, so in the interest of efficiency, we’ve designated different days for different groups. Once the studio is set for the correct group scenario, the day will run quickly and smoothly.

What if I have a scheduling conflict? Can I change or switch spots? Yes, please! We’d like this to be as convenient for you as possible. All of that can be done through our SignUpGenius links: Single or Couple or Family of 3+.

How much does a sitting fee cost? Sittings are FREE! The photo directory is not intended to be a fund-raiser for the church—it’s a tool for our congregation. We want to build a strong community and this is one way to do that.

How long is each session? Each photo session is 5 minutes. This should be more than enough time to get a few shots of you and your family members but it is not full-blown portrait session with different poses or outfit changes. It is intended to be an efficient and pleasant process, so please plan to be early.

Do I have to have my photo taken? No, but we encourage you to do it for a couple reasons: Primarily, you are important! Having your photo in the directory will give others a chance to get to know you and your family better. A church is made up of people—a photo directory gives a glimpse into who we are as a congregation.

Can I send in a photo instead of attending a photo session? We are not accepting submitted photos for this photo directory—we’d like this directory to be a strong visual representation of who we are, with a consistency in quality. Although submitted photos may at first seem easier to acquire, many times the photos are low quality or it’s hard to accurately see who is represented in the photo.

Do I have purchase prints or packages? Absolutely not. There will not be any “hard sells” like you would expect from other portrait studios like Lifetouch or Olan Mills. The main purpose of this endeavor is to produce a high-quality photo directory; it is not a fundraiser. 

Can I purchase photos if I want to? You may. There’s a good chance you might like your family portrait and we know it’s a challenge to get family portraits. After the photos are taken, they will be uploaded to a password-protected, online gallery. The link to this gallery will be distributed to the congregation through the weekly newsletter and an email. There is no obligation to purchase.

What if I have a scheduling conflict? Can I change or switch spots? Yes, please! We’d like this to be as convenient for you as possible. All of that can be done through our SignUpGenius links: Single or Couple or Family of 3+.

What happens if I can’t make one of the photo days? Please contact the office if you are unable to make either weekend. We’d love to have you in the directory and will do our best to accommodate you.

What happens if we’re running late? Please plan to be 15 minutes early to give yourself a buffer for traffic or other unforeseen speedbumps. This will also give you time to freshen up, tame loose hairs, powder your nose or straighten your tie. As a consideration to others, we will not be able to hold your spot if you are running late.

What if some of our family members are not available (i.e. away at college)? Please come anyway! We will make a notation in the directory that they are a part of your household but he or she is “not pictured.” Looking ahead, the next time we update our photo directory, we hope to do it at a time when we can catch students home—hopefully in the summer of 2020.

How should we dress? Dress comfortable, but “sharp” looking, especially if that’s how you dress for church Sunday mornings. If there are multiple people in your photo session, you may want to consider wearing colors that compliment each other—meaning they live next to each other in the color wheel (like blues and greens or red and oranges). A little tip: turquoise looks good on just about everyone!

How do I get a copy of the photo directory? Each family that participates will receive a directory. Additional copies are $2. Once they are published, we will notify you and you may pick up your directory in the church office. If you choose not to participate in the photo directory, but would like to purchase one, they can be purchased in the church office for $2.



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