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April, 2014: I know that my Redeemer lives, Glory Hallelujah

Our hymn for April is Hymn 281 in the Trinity Hymnal--"I know that my Redeemer lives, Glory Hallelujah"(see the music and words here)

While the text was written in England in the 1750s (by baptist preacher Samuel Medley ), the pairing of the text and the melody as we have it now was popularized in the third Great Awakening in the US about a century later.

This rollicking tune would have been accompanied by foot stomps and possibly a bit of shouting (the tune itself is called "Shout On") so don't be timid about keeping that beat as you sing with your family!

The joyous words are supported by joyous music: determined, brave and hopeful music, proclaiming the Good News! "The dead's alive and the lost is found---glory, Hallelujah!"

In Sunday school classes we're learning the refrain and are working through the verses. Particular attention is being paid to the above phrase: who was dead and is now alive? Not just Jesus, but we who were dead in our sin, as well!

Here is our Sanctuary Choir singing the hymn and a Sacred Harp sing singing a slightly different version. Can't wait to hear Sycamore's own version on Easter Sunday!

Your Sister,

Leslie Dripps

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