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January, 2014: Spirit, Strength of All the Weak

January's Hymn of the Month is Hymn #336 in the Trinity Hymnal, "Spirit, Strength of All the Weak". Little ones have learned the easy refrain "Hear us, Holy Spirit" and everyone has been over at least the first two verses.

In contrast to December's hymn, which was all about Jesus and His begotten-not-created nature, this month's hymn focuses, you guessed it, on the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. This hymn is a 'praise' and a 'supplication'--praising through listing the blessings the Holy Spirit bestows on us, and supplicating "Hear us, Holy Spirit."

Ask children to identify the supplication in the very last verse!

Here is a recording of our Sycamore Sanctuary Choir singing our hymn of the month. Spirit, Strength of All the Weak

As always, you can purchase your family's hymnal easily through Amazon.

Your sister,

Leslie Dripps

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