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November, 2013: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Greetings, Sycamore Families,

November's Hymn-of-the-Month is "A Mighty Fortress is our God" found in the Trinity Hymnal #92.

This wordy hymn was written by Martin Luther (in German) and there are more than seventy English translations in various hymnals today. (This is why if you YouTube the hymn, you may or may not find our hymnal's text.)

"A Mighty Fortress is our God" is not a hymn that can be abbreviated! Indeed, if one were to stop at the end of the first verse, we'd be left with the idea that there is no one on earth equal in strength to "our ancient foe" Satan. Yikes!

But wait! Verse 2 is full of good news: the "right man on our side" is Christ Jesus and "he must win the battle". Verse 3 continues to say that although the world "should threaten to undo us" we are not to fear, for as Verse 4 says, "the body they may kill: God's truth abideth still; his kingdom is forever."

So, yes, lots of words, but our little ones can understand the whole beautiful story of God's plan for our salvation through Christ Jesus.

This hymn is meant to be powerful march of courage and faith. Here is an energetic singing of it by our very own Sycamore Sanctuary Choir.

Little ones can march in time to the recording while singing what they can. Middle elementary can memorize phrases and insert them when you pause in the singing (and entire verses!) All children can discuss with parents the meanings of the verses as you sing together: Who is "our ancient foe"? What is "that Word above all earthly powers"?

Just a thought if you have more advanced students diagramming sentences...there are a couple of doozies in this dear hymn I am sure could earn them extra credit. :)

Your sister,

Leslie Dripps

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