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Sunday Services: 8:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Sunday School: 10:00 AM

Office Hours: M-F 8:30 AM-4:30 PM


Sycamore Presbyterian Church 

510 Coalfield Road 

Midlothian, VA  23114




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Our Denomination

Sycamore Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the James River Presbytery is the regional presbytery of which we are a part. In summary, the PCA seeks to be faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed tradition and obedient to the Great Commission of our Savior and King.

The PCA is a young denomination

Our denomination is relatively young as the birthdate of the Presbyterian Church in America is December 4, 1973. Though we are young, our spiritual roots are in the Protestant Reformation. We came into existence because we strongly believed there was the need for a scriptural, evangelical and Reformed witness for Christ. We also wanted to be a part of a denomination that honors God and his Word. We desired a believing fellowship committed to evangelism, Christian education and training as top priorities in the Church. We believed that ministers and church officers should affirm without compromise the great biblical beliefs of Christianity.

The PCA is a scriptural denomination

Our denomination is scriptural as we are built on ancient truths of Scripture and are committed to present application in our day. Flawless and faithful, the Old and New Testaments shape us to become God's transforming agents who know him, love him, and serve him. Not only are we rooted in Scripture in our doctrine but also in our government. We believe that truth is best learned in community but also that truth is best applied in community. Therefore, we are governed by a community of "brothers", known as elders, who vow with their lives to serve God. This was the form of government the New Testament church enjoyed (Acts 20:17; Titus 1:5-7) and has been followed by the great Reformed and Presbyterian branches of Christendom since the days of John Calvin in Europe and John Knox in England and Scotland.

The PCA is a confessional denomination

Our denomination is confessional as we believe that "the Reformers" from the 15, 16, and 1700s accurately articulate the truths of God's word in a manner consistent with God's purposes since the beginning of history. These articulations are the Westminster Standards.

The PCA is a missional denomination

Our denomination is a missional denomination as we sincerely desire to spread the Gospel to every land, to make disciples and teach them the faith delivered by God to his Church. We believe we are to serve the world the way Jesus serves us and therefore give our lives away in various ways for his glory in all the fields in which we live and work. We eagerly serve people in need, resisting injustice, and working for peace, honor, and dignity among all men and women without discrimination. We are engaged in God's work in the world as we start new churches; support small congregations desiring a full ministry in their community; train leaders to study, apply, obey and share the Scriptures; send missionaries to countries throughout the world; publish literature and curricula for individuals, groups, schools, and churches; sponsor youth and children's ministries; and guide men, women and families to a closer walk with the living God.